Exterior Decking DIY Information

Ipe: a love-in: Why might you think about using an exotic lumber like ipe for an exterior deck?

Ipe Lumber: Learn all about the awesome features of the wood "ipe". It's beauty and invincibility! Why you can leave it outside and then forget about it?

Cost of Ipe Wood Decking: Get an idea on the cost of ipe wood decking relative to other wood options.

Ipe As a Deck Wood: Why not stick to the traditional western red cedar? Why is this cedar rotting after 10 years?

Build an Ipe Deck: Pick up a few tips on the best techniques for building an ipe deck.

Ipe Tech Data: Compare features between ipe, western red cedar and pressure treated lumber

Ipe Deck Fastener: Do I need to use stainless steel screws? How about using the Ipe Clip

Ipe Deck Cleaning and Ipe Sealers: Let it age to a silvery gray or keep the rich brown tones.

Ipe Wood Patio Tiles:

Ipe Adirondack Chairs: The perfect use for such a beautiful wood.


"IPE wood decking is an environmentally responsible wood selection in comparison to pressure treated lumber that must rely on toxic chemicals for rot resistance and extended life expectancy"