Wood Addicts' Guide Book
Dedicated to the Love of Wood & Home Rennovation Perfection!

This information is the accumulation of what we have learned after 30 years of running a wood shop in Northern Ontario. We are sharing with you, the knowledge to build beautiful furniture and decorate your home with fine woods on the floors, wood trim at the floor or around the ceiling, or in building a deck out the back. .... basically anything to do with playing with wood and home rennovation.

Hardwood Flooring: all the things you want to know to buy a hardwood floor, install it and keep it looking like new.

Hardwood Stairs: how to recover an existing set of steps and make them look new again all for the price of good barbeque.

Exterior Decking: this information I researched after a client had a very expensive western red cedar boat house rot out from the bottom up and wanted to know why, and what he should do moving forward. IPE wood seemed to be the solution

Wood Mouldings, or for our American cousins "wood moldings" .. this section is in production

Wood Railings: safety is everything, do it right the first time and prevent accidents and get your insurance company off your back.

Woodworking Tools: for information on all the tools of the trade. We'll add content as we get request.. let us know what you would like to see.

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