Wilsonart Roll of Foam Floor Underlay
Underlayment Designed for Floating Floor Installation.

Wilsonart makes a roll of foam floor underlay for every underlayment situation, starting with its most basic standard foam in a 5' wide roll at about .25$ per foot and a basic polyfilm moisture barrier (heavier than normal @ 8mil) for on slab vapour barrier applications.

In the higher end of the laminate underlay market, Wilsonart produces three products that offer sound dampening abilities and various densities for more industrial applications.. only the first is typically used in residential applications:

1. 2-in-1 Roll of Foam Underlay:
Wilsonart floor underlayment in this case is designed for easy of installation in mind for the casual DIY installer. The 2-in-1 feature includes a clear polyethylene moisture barrier bonded to a blue polyethylene foam for direct installation over concrete or wood. Yes, it is one of the only 2n1 foam underlays that is, according to their documentation acceptable for on wood floor installation. All the seams must be taped the full length for it to act as an effective moisture barrier.

It has a STC rating of >51 and a SII rating of >55 so it does attain the necessary standards for multi floor construction site as a noise reduction laminate underlay.

2. Commercial Cushion:
This is a slightly thicker pad of "black polyethylene foam with a black polyethylene moisture barrier filled with sound absorbing molecules and fortified with a antimicrobial agent." It is more than 3 times as dense as the 2-in-1 although is listed with the same STC and IIC rating as the former.

This Wilsonart roll of foam floor underlay also comes in 5' widths. Underlayment designed to withstand higher commercial weight loads. It is priced around .75$/sq.ft.

3. Acoustic Cushion:
The last of the three is the thickest at .12". It is a "black styrene Butadiene rubber foam with polyester reinforced backing. It does not include a moisture barrier.. thus must be used in conjunction with a plastic film for on concrete applications with their recommendation of a minimum of a 16" overlap on the seams. At .487 lb/sq.ft it is more than 4 times as dense as the Wilsonart's commercial cushioning.

At over $1.50 per square foot, it is not something to consider for the standard residential market. If you are looking at a very high end product for your office with exceptional acoustical properties then it may be worth doing further research.

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