Laminate Flooring Underlayment: Pergo

Soundbloc™ Underlay Foam Floor Underlayment: Laminate floating floor foam underlay that provided essential cushioning for basic installation over a wood subfloor. It is the most economical foam underlay that Pergo manufactures typically in the .15-.25$/sq.ft. available in a 100' roll. It has not been rated a noise reduction laminate underlay as it does not meet current building code requirements for multi level construction. In these cases you must upgrade to their SilentStep premium foam for those applications.

pergo MoistureblocPergo Moisturebloc ™
A traditional 6 mil polyethylene film used as a vapour barrier in "over concrete" installations. Pergo recommends that it be overlapped a minimum of 8". Tape can be used to hold it into place during installation. It typically costs in the range of .10-.15$/sq.ft.

Pergo Soundbloc underlay and Moisturebloc film can be installed together to provide the cushioning + vapour barrier needed for a suitable laminate floor concrete underlayment... or better yet use their softseal combo for a simpler installation...

Pergo Softseal combo foam floor underlayment laminatePergo Softseal Combo Foam Floor Underlayment Laminate: This is nothing more sophisticated than Pergo preapplying the moisturebloc polyethylene film to the back of the Soundbloc Foam Floor Underlayment, offering a one step vapour/cushioning application. Film extends 8" past the foam edge to allow the overlapping of the vapour barrier.... a great feature to guarantee a more effective moisture guard. Pricewise it typically works out to about .05$/sq.ft more expensive than buying the two products individually, a convenience bargain.

Pergo SilentStep Premium FoamPergo SilentStep Premium Foam: This product is the most sophisticated foam floor underlayment that Pergo manufactures. It has been engineered to meet national sound transmission standards... condominium requirements for noise reduction, ..laminate underlay that is designed to reduce noise in the standard human voice wavelengths from transferring between floors in multilevel construction. In talking to the Pergo Technical staff, they suggest it is a bit of overkill in standard residential applications, except for the very particular client.

Typical Pricing: .70-.80$/sq.ft.

For on-concrete applications it is necessary to install Silent Step Underlayment in combination with the Pergo Moisturebloc™.

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